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GS600 (Europe) whining noise and more


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I just bought a Corsair GS600, and it works, but there are some problems.

First is the whining noise, like asking for help, it just appears, it doesn't seem to appear when I play games o other intensive workloads, it just appears, it could appear when I browse internet o when playing games, in 2 days since I started using the PSU I heard it like 5-7 times.

The second problem is the noise when fan kicks-in o stops, it's very noisy and appears like the fan wants to start/stop but some force doesn't allow it, and there is other sound, when it stop (I mean: it stops completely) PSU produces a sound like fan is hitting something even if it is stoped. While the fan is working non of these sounds appear. My observed that these sounds only appear when fan kicks-in, stops or is not spining.

Is not feeling right how the PSU is working.


P.S.: the package from seller wasn't very well protected.

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