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Another GS700 Fan noise issue..


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Wow this fan noise issue does seem to be very common with corisar psus...

This is definitely my last corsair product. Everything seems to be "high quality" but like all corsair products i had this one does also have issues :(:


My Problem:

GS700 fan stops and has troubles starting back up and makes loud and annoying sounds until the fans goes full speed on and turns off again 2 secs later -_-

So basically i can't return the PSU to my reseller or send a RMA request because i cut off a huge piece from one of the cables as my case didn't close properly and because i don't need so many cables..



Does anyone if you can replace the fan using a normal fan? i mean maybe just disconnecting the default fan and adding another fan which connects to the motherboard instead? Would this trigger any errors and make the psu stop working?

Or is there any way of keeping the psu fan stable at 1000 rpm or something like that so that it doesn't turn off all the time over and over again...

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