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Corsair Vengeance 2000 blinks then turns off


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as the title says my Vengeance 2000 is not working anymore.


Yesterday it worked like always, but then i tried to put it on by clicking the power button, i can see the blue colour, but it stays only for about 4 seconds and turns off afterwards. I do not understand that problem since the battery recharges when I plug the USB cable in.


When it was fully loaded there was the green light, but I still get only the blue light for about 4 seconds and the headset turns off. :[pouts:


Does anybody have a clue how I could fix this?


In addition to all that i can hear a hissing noise as long as I press the power button lasting until the already mentioned 4 seconds.


Case #5654543


Best regards,


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Jesse, what color is the charging LED now when you charge it? When you turn on the headset, its normal for the blue LED blink after staying solid and the USB dongle should be a solid blue LED when its maintaining a connection. Can you tell me if this is true for you?
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When i plug in the USB cable at first there's an permanent orange light and then it starts blinking as usual. The blue LED doesn't start blinking it just stops lighting up after about 4 seconds.


Now i see the green LED which indicates my headsets battery is fully charged.

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