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Need help with purchases. (H100i + fans, etc)


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Hi. I just made some purchases from my regular online PC Store, but I think I might of not thought it through clearly.


What I bought:


2x AF140 Quiet Edition High Airflow 140mm Fan

2x140mm to 120mm fan adapters

BitFenix Recon Fan Controller


The idea was to replace the stock 120mm fans that are in my Corsair 550D with the AF140's via the adapters, since they probably won't mount regularly without the adaptors (can anyone confirm that you can successfully do that? these are the adapters I wanted to use):


I wanted one of the fans blowing onto the hdd cage at the usual front spot, then the other fan on the left side of the hdd cage, blowing onto the GPU.


Ok... firstly. I'm not exactly sure how all this comes together with Corsair Link. Do I even need a Fan Controller? How many fans can I plug into the H100i? I figured the Fan Controller would make things a little cleaner, seeing as none of these fans are PWM fans? But if it's not even needed, I could scrap it?


Secondly, did I make the correct fan choices for what I need them to do? I guess my goal was to boost the airflow and cooling performance of the 550D (running a i5 2500k), whilst still keeping the machine moderately quiet.


Also... I think I read somewhere here that the newer fans in the H100i's are PWM models?


As you can see I'm a little confused now. Should I just cancel my order and wait it out a bit before I make any new purchases from Corsair?


Apologies if some of these questions have maybe been asked before, but I just really need some clarification. Bit of a nooby when it comes to some of this stuff as it's my first time upgrading the cooling on my rig. Quite a lot of money that I could be unnecessarily wasting.

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