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Brand new K60 keyboard, defective stand off feet


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As title suggests, ordered brand new K60 keyboard on Feb 18th. Received today Feb 22nd.


Brilliant shipping and service, however the plastic stand off feet at the bottom of the keyboard. The bottom right hand corner one it has the number 4 engraved on it (underneath number pad 0 key) is defective, it is very floppy and loose. All the others feel springy and click either open or closed position. This one simply flops around.


The clip itself looks stupidly simple to replace, my case number is:



My original order number is 100033395. If you guys need to look up my details.


Was wondering if its possible simply to mail me a new plastic clip to replace myself instead of doing the whole shipping back and forth business. I live in Adelaide, Australia and international shipping to send the keyboard back would be the same price as buying a new keyboard.




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Done, thanks heaps.


I put NA for lot number and SN as I didn't know if these were applicable or not.


BTW i ordered a pair of vengeance 2000 and M95 as well as part of my buy. I forgot to order the alternative ear pads.


If I ring customer service am I able to purchase a pair of the leatherette ear covers and they can throw it in as part of the same shipping package?


Please advise,


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Hey RAM guy, any word on the RMA? Tracking number or anything?


I followed the instructions and ignored the e-mail saying to post anything back.


If you could e-mail me an update or something that would be pretty awesome cheers.

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i have ordered ear cups locally. there was a sale at local supplier. Was much easier and simpler this way haha.


So please simply proceed to send the replacement parts. :)


edit:i called customer support, the lady said they were still waiting for me to return the whole keyboard. i explained tovthem that ramguy from forums told me to ignore return instructions as you were just going to send me the replacement tilters. this seemed to have confused her a little. was hoping if you could check in on tehings make sure the ball is rolling.


when i login to corsair website to check rma status it also says awaiting receipt of keyboard.


thanks for all your help ramguy

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