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C70 Side Panel from Corsair Store


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Just built a new PC using Corsair parts, power supply, H100, fans, etc...


I really did not like to look of the side panel, so after reading through many threads I decided to buy the Windowed Side Panel from the Corsair store.




Looking at the pictures it looks to me like there are still holes for the fan but the rest of the window is white/frosted Plexiglas.


What I received was the same exact side that came with the machine. The part number on the box is the same as the web store, so I don't think it's the wrong item. Has anyone else purchased this or is able to confirm how it actually looks?


I've tried calling a few times and sent in a support request, which did eventually get answered with... "Thank you for contacting Corsair Customer Service. Your inquiry has been forwarded to the appropriate department for review."


That was 10 days ago. I don't want to get stuck with something that is not the same as pictured on their website, but how do you return something to a company that does not respond to customers?


Are they always this difficult to deal with?

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