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Replaced TX650M Briefly Powers On


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Hello everyone,


I recently RMA'd a faulty PSU (TX650M) because it had been "popping" for several days and finally failed. I received my replacement from Corsair a few days ago. The first night the PSU was installed, a fan in my case (not sure which) was operating at full spin and making a lot of noise. The next morning, the system had turned off and was unresponsive to the power button. When performing the "paper clip test" on the PSU, one of the case fans (always on when the system is powered) very briefly (~ 1 second) turned on and then shut off; it did not turn back on until the paper clip was removed and the test performed again (again, it was briefly on). My motherboard has a green LED on it and as long as the PSU is connected, the LED is always on; however, the system is unresponsive to actually turning on. While it is hard to tell, when performing the "paper clip test" I do not believe the PSU fan is turning on. I have performed the test with and without a load on the PSU.


Could the issue be some safety check the PSU is doing upon power up is failing (hence why it briefly turns on and then shuts off)? What are my options to remedy the issue? Is another RMA the best option?



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