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H70 core + i7-2600k + Asus p8p67 pro: H70 Bracket does not fit?


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I've been having a hard time with tech support (called several times, waited, forced to leave voice mail, no calls back, etc) So I figured I'd give this a shot!


I took off my stock heat sync from my 2600k to install the h70. After reading the directions and fixing the bracket together, I soon realized there was absolutely NO way it'd be able to fit. Any attempt to get it to fit would result in me damaging parts.


I'll gladly provide pictures if need be. I've seen a tutorial vid from tiger direct, but the bracket they had looked "similar" to what I had, except the part of the bracket where the screws are inserted were lower than the circular part. I can't use my computer until I install this thing, so it's quite frustrating. Hope to hear back soon!

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