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Vengeance 2000 7.1 wireless range


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I LOVE this headset. I had the Corsair HS1 usb for a little over a year but the left speaker started cutting out from wear. So I decided to jump the gun on these because i really enjoyed my old headset.


BUT.. the range is only about 20 feet. I don't think there's anything wrong with my headset since my walls are thick.


A really important question I have for Corsair though is if they have any plans to maybe make a better USB dongle to increase the range? if possible, around 60-100 feet? It wouldn't be such a bad thing. Please get back to me on that.


Another thing, If I were to use a 15ft usb extension cable for the USB dock, would that be a problem?


ALSO, can I use a cell phone wall charger to charge my headset?

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Been blasting the headset now for a month without issues. And im using my Samsung Galaxy Note2 Charger and my Kindles super long usb cable. It's like 3 meters. And it works fine. It regulates the charge. Luckily. You can charge any usb device with any usb cable or usb charger. The Note 2 has a usb to 2 point plug converter. Travel Adapter. 5.0V and 2.0A. I've been doing it forever. It beats the standard 1.0 chargers. But usually these Li-Ion batteries are built smart. The good quality devices and batteries regulate the charge, they have over charge protection and other smart features built in that prolong life and guard the battery from damage that might incur. It just depends how clever the Corsair techs are and if the use tech made to last, and not some 6 month Chinese crap. But sofar, im impressed with the headset. And im a big Audiophile
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