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Can you check an RMA for me?


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RMA #5602049


Tracking shows you got it ten days ago.


The status was updated last week to "Your RMA has already been processed and/or shipped." Seems a little vague, but that seems like they shipped it back to me, but it has been over a week and I haven't seen anything. No emails at all on status updates, even when the vague processed and/or shipped note was added.


I'd appreciate it if you would check on this for me when you get in in the morning.


I'm in California, so it should take 2 days at most. Maybe I misunderstand the status note? It might be an improvement on your current process to have a less vague status listed.

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yeah. that's me. Thanks. I opened an account on this forum at a different time and forgot which email addy I used.


I called a couple of times. Ended up having to leave a message. I think the package was send to the fremont address not tech support... ugh. That was stupid. Hopefully they'll be able to help me out.


My mistake, but that vague message really made it seem like they'd already processed it.

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