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New H100i whines like a bagpipe


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So i got my new rig today that i ordered from http://www.inet.se a week ago, and my H100i that they installed has a high pitch sound from the pump, like everyone else thats posting here on the forum.


I understand that its only those with problems that posts here, but it sure seems like alot, and that they have some issues to solve with this cooler.


What to do? How do i get a advanced RMA so i dont have to sit without cooler for a few weeks now that i finaly got my rig?




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  • Corsair Employee

Have you tried removing the fan from the pump and directly connect them to the MB and see if the high pitch goes away? Are the fans 3pin or 4pin? It is possible that the fans are causing the high pitch and not from the pump itself.


Contact our customer service if you would like to request an Advance RMA if replacement is needed.

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