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H80i Stock Fan Max


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I just installed a H80i with two stock fans, it runs great, cools my i7-3770k quite well. One of the fans is stuck on maximum temperature regardless of the mode that gets set (the other fan works perfectly), and a forum search didn't turn up much in the way of this issue happening very often (either everything works or nothing works :( )


Hydro USB 2.0.0

H80i 1.0.4

Corsair link 2.2.0


I haven't updated firmware or done anything yet, I've read somewhere that it could make it worse.


Thanks for any help!

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In case anyone needs to read this, I was able to work around this issue thus:


1) Open Corsair Link

2) Click an H80i fan

3) Set the mode to Fixed %

4) Save an actual profile

5) Maybe reload Corsair Link here

6) Set a different Fixed %

7) I could now set the mode to anything and have the fan work as intended.


Thanks, hope this helps someone.

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