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Very Happy with H100i


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Finished my build yesterday which included a H100i and AX760i PSU. My H100i came with the 4-pin PWM fans and the 1.0.5 firmware. I haven't noticed any rattling or odd pump noises at all.


One thing that concerned me was the backplate of the H100i was very loose when it was initially installed. It had a lot of 'play' when it was just the standoffs screwed into it. Once I mounted the waterblock and tightened down the thumbscrews though the slack went away and now is very firmly pressed against the back of the motherboard. I didn't need to add any rubber washers or anything else to get it a secure, tight fit.


I wasn't expecting the CorsairLink software to work properly since I am running Windows 8 Professional on this build but I'm happy to say that it works fine in my case without having to do anything special. I have both the H100i and the AX760i USB headers plugged into an internal USB 2.0 header expansion board (my mobo only has two USB 2.0 headers) so even in that somewhat nonstandard install it's fine.


I'm glad I got a case with a sidewindow, as stupid as it sounds I like looking over and seeing the H100i cycling through its colors next to the Dominator Platinum ram.


I was a bit worried about the H100i purchase but decided to take a chance since it is so performant. It looks like Corsair has the kinks worked out at least in my case.

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As far as I am concerned, I'm not very happy with my H100is, I own 4 of these, all defective since day one (dead LED, dead pump, broken link port, without mentioning the high pitched noise).


I have already RMA'd two units, they came back to me defective, again...


The most common issues with my units come from the LEDs, either they die suddenly or I can't have pure white with the LED (the white turn more and more yellowish or bluish before diying some days later).


Yesterday, I have RMA'd all my units in one time and I really hope I will recieve 4 good units back, I have already spent too much money on this product => 4 x167$ (Taxes in Belgium are really expensive - 21%) + 105$ of shiping fees = 773$ for 4 units...).


If RAMGUY and the Tech Support weren't so great and always ready to help everyone in the best way they can, I would probably stop buying Corsair products (despite the fact that I love corsair stuff).

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