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h100i questions


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I've just got a couple questions about the h100i that I want clearing up.


1) Does the Link (USB) cable need to be plugged in and the software remain on the computer after you have changed LED colour, etc?

2) Obviously the SATA power is for pump & fan hub power but what is the use of connected 3pin cable?


Thanks for the help!

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! Yes, you need to have that connected and software installed to be able to change the LED's color and also needs to emain after you have changed those colors. Otherwise the profiles will not be read and will go back to defaults.


2) Not only does it allow you to read the pumps RPM's but also keeps your MB from displaying a "No CPU Fan error) upon boot up.

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Have a problem and found nothing about



After I even came to the former, the Corsair Link 2 software download 2.2.0) because there was nothing ;)

Otherwise everything is original ... ! no firmware update nothing ..


Installed First, yesterday, everything went well and was satisfied.

(after i reconnect the usb2 connector)

had not thought about it because it was


The only thing that has not recognized was the AMD CPU Temp (0 °).

I was looking in the forums and got a tip in the bios on the 6th (turbo) off center, everything has been detected ..



But today, lo and behold ..


Pc have been up and running it though everything but not a single fan speed is detected and can not be settled too!

The temperature of the H100 and the speed of the pump and the rpm of fans are not shown.

Uninstalled software run cc registry cleaned from corsair and sierra reinstalled all and nothing happens...

All fans (3x) Will be shown but with 0 rpm Pump 0RPM H100i Temp 0°!


Try for eternal miracle ..

if I pull the plug from the board goes to the USB port and reconnect IN ONGOING OPERATIONS!

speeds are suddenly available and controllable! Also, the pump is here to read.

For it lacks the temp of the graphics card and its speed



After rebooting the same again ... everything because no matter only without RPM and can not be controlled what I set ..

They do run with the last shot !


I found NOTHING in www about this phenomenon ..

Supplement! The graphics card drivers have uninstalled Trixx, Link2, uninstalled and deleted all entries from Corsair and Sierra (2) from the registry.


New graphics card driver( CATALYST INSTALL USB 2) on it and Trixx New Link 2 ...

Now after installing the pump and immerse the fan H100, H100 Temp, LED not available!


Trying with 2 usb 3.0 onboard ports . The same problem


Only 2 drive temperatures dip to the Temp and the Radeon fan works and can be read!

After disconnect the usb pin plug and re-connect, the fan-h100 1, 2, 3 the LED display and the pump are not readable..


Graphics card temp works and fan RPM is displayed and adjustable for a while.!

Then the connection loose again and only the Radeon is working with temp and rpm ..

cpu load and cpu temp works. only all from the h100i loose connection




SORRY GOOGLE TRANSLATED .. No German Support ...


Need help.. what should i do with the h100i ???


My Board is the Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 (rev. 1.0/1.1)

Memory Corsair MXS 1600 16GB

Corsair AX 850 Power Supply

Samsung SSD 830Pro

Vtx3d 7950 x-edition V2

Barracuda 2000 2 TB SATA

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Devices manager all ok

reinstalled all 2-3- times

restarting sierra dosnt help ... ;)


Have noted with surprise that the problem was on the second Y cable!

I try for eternal systematically since only the fan separated un dan y cable and see!


The Corsair fan

port-y 1-2 (Fan 1-2) = connected all speeds and specifying available ..


Ok I thought, then

to port 3-4 (Fan 3-4) = connected all speeds and specifying available ..


the pins of the second y cables look loose and shifted slightly in the middle!

(On the website belongs to the pump)


thus I have the other 2 fans now connected to my controller by CS Stormtrooper and calm;)


Will nothing hear about fans and pumps this weekend :D ....


F u c k in Cable ^^



One thing I would still like to know

Red LED will turn fans but make the ones I've ordered

CM SICKLE FLOW 120 2000RPM RED LED coils have whimpering


what can you do there? what do you recommend?

air flow should be similar to 2000 rpm range


Corsair are already too loud even on performance

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