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H110 280mm fit


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I have a Corsair Vengeance C70 mid tower case and would like too know if the new Corsair H110 280mm liquid cooling kit will fit in the top of my C70. as of now I have 2 Noctua 140mm fans mounted in the top where the radiator of the H110 would go if it fits.


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@ jlhawn


Exactly the same reasons here.

My H110 arrived yesterday on an ARMA.

I'm about to shut my 'puter down and install it.

Removing H100i and sending it back to Corsair.


I learned my lesson...no more fancy gadgets for me.

I cannot emphasize enough...How good Corsair was

on the phone with me....I will continue to do business

with them.

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let us know how it goes and maybe post a pic of it installed.

and yes Corsair is a very good company, I have lots of their products

and allways use their parts for builds I do for family and friends and so far

have never had a part fail.

I had to get a front panel for my case that was damaged from shipping and

Corsair had a new panel to me in 2 days.

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Howdy All,


I'm a little late out of the gate on following this up, my bad.

Just wanted everyone to know Corsair made good on everything.

I'm still using my H110 and my wife is using the H100i with the Corsair supplied replacement fans. It's been almost a year and everything is working great. I could not be a more satisfied customer.


I have purchased the following Corsair Items this year: 2-K70 mechanical keyboards, one gaming mouse, 1 PSU and 16gig of DDR3.


I purchase a lot of stuff on line and have fortunately had very few problems.

By far, Corsair has been the most responsive company I've had contact with.


Thanx to everybody at Corsair and a Happy Holiday to All

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