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Corsair 800D case cooling setup


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Hi guys,


New to the forums and a new Corsair owner...


I am doing a new build and was wonder if you guys had advice on how to setup cooling in a 800D case. I have a H100i that I will be using and whatever fans come with the case (I get it in a few days). Also, I ordered 2 more Corsair fans (SP120 I think). I can order more if need be.. Should I do a push/pull config with the h100i? Also, how should I set the other fans in the case to maximize airflow? I appreciate all input guys! thanks..



Case - Corsair 800D

Mobo - Asus Maximus V Formula

CPU - i7-3770K

Video card - Sapphire HD 7970 GHz Ed Vapor-X 3GB

RAM - Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 1600

PSU - Corsair AX850

Cooling (for now) - Corsair H100i

SSD - Samsung 840 Series 250GB

HDD - Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB

OS - Windows 8 x64

Monitor - Samsung BX2331, but this will be changing. (will probably use a 2 monitor setup)

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