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Delayed Power Delivery


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I think I have an issue with a new TX650m PSU I received via RMA, but I'm not sure. When I'm in Windows and choose to shut down my PC, and then I push the power button on my case (say within a second after the computer powers off), my PC does not turn on again right away. Instead, I have to wait several seconds (maybe 5-7 seconds or so) and then the PC turns itself on (without me pushing the power button again). If I RESTART the PC from within Windows, everything is fine. Is this normal behavior?

One more clarification: if I shut down my computer and let a safe amount of time pass after everything powers down (say 10 seconds), pushing the power button on the case turns the computer on right away.

Surprisingly, when I plugged in the old PSU I had before the RMA (it was making a noise), it also started to exhibit this behavior, which is weird because the old PSU didn't used to have this delay issue. Also, when I power up the computer, I cannot turn it off right away by hitting the power button again (if I push it nothing happens... I have to wait a couple of seconds). Any thoughts? Again, thank you for your help!

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It is not uncommon for the MB internal relays to need a few seconds to switch modes so it may be normal. However I would suggest checking for the latest MB BIOS and load setup defaults and see if that makes a difference. But I would suggest waiting at least 10 seconds after you should down the system and it powers off before you turn it back on.
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