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Hardware conflict with GTX causing laptop to freeze


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There is a bizarre hardware conflict I have with the Neutron GTX (most recent model) and a Logitiech external USB keyboard. Plugging in the external keyboard to my Dell 7520 laptop and Windows refuses to recognize it and as soon as I unplug it my whole system freezes and I must do a power off-power on (hard reset).


This problem is isolated to the GTX SSD which I recently upgraded too. I have not and do not have this issue with other hard drives on the same machine.


I looked at Windows event viewer and it reports nothing out of the ordinary except the standard kernal power error from rebooting the machine.


I do not have another USB keboard by another brand to test the issue. I do have other USB devices (mouse, external hard drive, wifi card) all which work fine with the GTX. It is this specific keyboard/SSD combination that causes the freezing.

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