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Corsair Case Rebate. "Missing" UPC

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So I recently purchased a Corsair case that had a $10 rebate. I followed all the directions, filled everything out, made a copy of it, stuffed it in an envelope and sent it on it's way. I remembered thinking that I hoped there was enough postage to cover the shipping since the envelope seemed hefty.


Now I just received my rebate update and low and behold my UPC is missing. Of course I call and ask what's going on and I'm told there was no UPC contained in the envelope. Well what was the bulky piece of cardboard that I put in the envelope? What's the mysterious piece of cardboard I made a copy of right before putting everything in the envelope?


How does the one piece that cannot be duplicated disappear? I mean it's nice for Corsair since according to the rebate people there is now no possible way for me to collect this rebate once they threw away my original UPC.

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