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Noisy GS800


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Hi RAM Guy,


I have a GS800 that whines when the fan stops, have tried disabling EISS with no luck.


I have requested an RMA via case #5642931.


My question is two fold, one, do you have a unit that you recommend that is not known to have this issue.


Secondly is it possible to cross-ship if I give Corsair credit card information for this purpose. This unit is about 2 months old.


Thanks in advance.

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  • Corsair Employees
That case is not complete please use the link on the left and submit another request. And I am sorry we cannot replace it for another model it sounds like you just have a bad fan and we will be happy to replace it. And once you have a valid RMA conformation email you can call our customer service by phone and request an advanced replacement.
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