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Corsair TX650M grinding noise


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On 18/1 I purchased a TX650M psu.Couple of days before I installed it on my system.The psu works good,but there is problem with the fan.


When system is idle it's totally silent,but sometimes when I run a game or the load increases the psu starts making an awful grinding noise louder than all the fans on my system.It stops only for some time when the fan starts spinning,and when it stops it continues making the same noise again..


Any help would be appreciated!!

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Does it sounds like

That's my TX750.


Well the one at the video sounds to me like the fan grinding.Mine does a grinding noise like the fan trying to start and not being able to.




Your problems sounds very similar to mine:



I also hear terrifying vibrations when I turn the pc on,and fan kicks in at full load.Although it doesn't vibrate when I use the pc or when the fan kicks in at slow rpm when under load.Only this sound like the fan trying to start,but not being able to.Like something blocking it.

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Thanks for your reply!


What about the faulty psu return shipping costs?I live in Greece so it would be too expensive to ship it to you..And I can't return it to the reseller,as well,because I bought it from an other EU country.


If I use A-RMA do you arrange the pickup free of charge??

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry but no that is not standard but you can request the RMA and once you have the RM<A conformation you can call our customer service by phone and ask them to take care of the shipping, if its less than 30 days old they will for sure help you with that.
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