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CX750 problems - any ideas?


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I have a system built on an MSI P55-CD53 motherboard and am using a Corsair CX750 power supply with it. My current power supply works fine, but the fan seems to be making bad noises fairly often, so, concerned it was going to fail, I got an advance RMA done up.


Corsair sent a new power supply, but it wouldn't power up at all. Fan spins up for like a quarter of a second and then powers down. Put the old power supply in place cabled exactly the same, works great.


I got Corsair to send a second replacement power supply, and was surprised to find the same issue happening again. :( I am not a novice where PC building is concerned, and cannot think of anything I might be doing wrong here.


My motherboard has the newest available BIOS, tried defaulting settings with no improvement. (I know it shouldn't matter, desperate) :)


I did the paper clip thing with a fan attached to verify the new power supply works, at least that much.


When I test with the old working supply, gradually removing cables, the problem behavior is the same as if only the 24 pin power cord is cabled up with everything else detached. Once I cable up the 4 pin cpu power cable the old power supply boots enough to complain with beeps about no video card etc.


I tried the new power supply with just the 24 pin and 4 pin connected, and get that behavior as if the 4 pin isn't there. (I have also tried with everything 100% cabled up, same result)


Does anyone have any ideas? Is perhaps the replacement a newer revision that has some weird incompatibility? I compared the serial numbers / model numbers etc on the back and I notice the only thing different:


old model: G35-D010551-P100

new model: G35-D010551-P300


Thanks a ton for any suggestions, I'm out of ideas. :(

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