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TX650 V2 Fan not spinning


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I have the TX750 - same family as your but higher wattage.

When I run Prime96 stress test on my i7-3770K, the fan does not turn on until after 10-15 min (even though all the core's are max'ed out). When they do turn on, they stay on for a few minutes only.


So that seems normal.

These are pretty efficient PSU's and run almost/mostly in fanless mode.


Are you saying that your fan never comes on ?

As a test, if you have two HDD's, connect them up to the PSU and do a long file or folder copy from to the other - that will a load on the 12v and see if the fan turn on - enough to warm up the PSU to start the fan. It does for me sometimes - or at least tries to turn on.


Regarding the buzzing noise, yes I too have it and so have several other people who have reported it.

Happens at low load too. I asked for a replacement and the new one arrived today and it is even worse :[pouts:


Interesting that yours spin on power-up but mine does not spin up at all - maybe it is a feature of the TX750.


Sorry, I cannot suggest anything other then try a replacement - first to your reseller, then Corsair whose customer service are super and will sort you out.

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