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Replacement worse than original PSU


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Case number - #5602686


Advanced RMA reference - 1287407


On Thursday 7th February I received and installed a Corsair CX750M PSU which had loud coil/capacitor whine -

- which was very noticeable when the GPU was under stress.


I submitted a tech support ticket and after a few days an advanced RMA was arranged with "Jelaide" (see told me to make a note of 1287407) and the replacement PSU arrived today.


I've just fitted it and it's even worse than the original.


Where do we go from here?

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After two faulty CX750M's I was offered a replacement TX750M as an alternative and on Tuesday 19th I called customer services to arrange delivery and the return of the two faulty CX750M's.


During the call I explained I was extremely grateful of the upgrade but expressed my concern that the TX750M wasn't a "true" modular PSU in the same sense as the CX750M, by that I mean most of the cables on the TX750M are native with only the additional SLI/Peripheral being modular and everything else being hardwired, but I was assured that I was wrong and the TX750M was fully modular.


With that reassurance I accepted the kind offer and yesterday it arrived. I immediately noticed my concerns were justified and the cables are indeed hardwired. Desperate to get a working PSU back into the system I fitted it anyway and while it doesn't exhibit any coil whine (finally!) the hardwired nature of the Sata power cables does causes me an issue.


I use a Corsair 600T SE and the hard-drives are installed in the provided HDD cages. With the CX750M the modular Sata cables are extremely flexible and it's easy to connect multiple HDD's installed in the cages. However the hardwired Sata cable on the TX750M is that stiff and the connectors spaced at such distances that it's all but impossible to connect them to multiple HDD's installed in the 600T's cages.


This may sound petty but I challenge anyone with a TX750M to try and bend the Sata power cable in such a way that you can connect multiple HDD's installed in a 600T HDD cage.


While I don't want to appear ungrateful I am disappointed that I chose a fully modular PSU initially, because I wanted and needed a fully modular PSU, and through no fault of my own I've had to return two faulty PSU's in less than 10 days and feel like I've be fobbed off with a replacement that doesn't meet my original requirements.


I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done?

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but the CX and TX series are both SimiModulare so I am not sure there is an issue. But I do see the TXM series has The PCI-E Cables hard wired.

But that is how it comes, If you are not happy with that then please contact our customer service and see what they can do.

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The CX(M) range have the 24 pin ATX and 8 pin EPS hardwired. All the other cables are modular and extremely flexible.


The TX(M) range have the 24 pin ATX, 8 pin EPS, molex, FDD, Sata and PCI-E cables hardwired and the cables are extremely stiff. The only modular cables are a second set of PCI-E and peripheral cables.


I've spoken to CS and they said they couldn't do anything?!?

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