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600T White + H100i + 2x Gentle Typhoon 1850 Fans


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pushing through the radiator is usually always better than pulling temperature wise.


Also, there's really no space for fans and a radiator inside the 600t. You will need to have the fans mounted outside and the radiator inside unless you want to modify the case or mount the radiator crooked (looks ugly, imo).


So you would to have them mounted as an intake at the top outside of the case. However, with GTs since their blades are so large, they will make contact with the top removable grille of the 600T so you will either have to run it without the grille or modify the grille to fit (cutting the plastic cross members out).


my installation video of my h100i:

(note as mentioned above, GTs in the same position as the stock fans in my video will make contact with the 600t's removable grille if you lock it in place.)


Or just put 120mm grills on each.


This is my experience with GTs, h100i, and a 600t

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Hey guys. I was gonna buy 2 of those fans and mount them under the top grill on my 600T. I also have an H100i. Does the grill still close with the Scythe fans? I notice the stock fans with the H100i kinda touch the grill as it is.


Is it the fan blades themselves or the fan housing touching the grill?


Also can you just connect the scythe fans straight to the waterblock like you do with the stock fans and can you control them with the LINK software like the stock fans?



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