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Vengeance 2000 no sound/dead


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27.11.2012, I bought a vengeance 2000 from a norwegian online electronic store. It worked great. (and I really love the ability to walk around the house while talking to people, exluding the akward bathroom brakes, where I forget to mute the mic). All were great until a couple of weeks ago, when the charger started falling out while charging, this didnt bother me that much, it looks like it was only dust (I made a forum post earlier about this) the thing is, everytime it fell out, the headset would disconnect. Normaly when this happened, I would usually just turn it back on, yesterday, it didnt turn back on. The blue and amber light were constantly on, and I got no sound.


After checking several threads on this forum, I noticed people that had similar problems, so I tried to fix it.


I did a clean reinstall of all drivers and I tried the paper clip method.

After draining the battery, I tried to connect it, using the method again, now, it just seems dead, the blue light doesnt appear at all, and it looks like the power button does nothing, however, it looks like it will charge.


I'm hessitant to send it inn, as I do not have another mic or headset in the house, so Im at no sound right now. Getting sort of frustrated


Thanks in advance :)

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When I came home from work today, I tried to press the power button and it worked so headset is now up and working (sound quality seems better for some reason) , I have no fix on my problem, I guess my battery wasnt fully drained when I tried ? I have no idea what fixed it, but now I'm happy :)


Thanks for replies

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