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H100i heat CPU


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Hello from Russia! I'd bought new H100i few days ago and got few troubles with it.


My core temp is 58-65c idle and 90c+ under load! Checked everything but nothing helps... Here are few things that I've spotted:

There is no loud pump noise as I read here, but I feel that coolant circling in system when I touch pump and hoses. And copper plate under pump losing heat very very slow and heats immediately when contact with CPU. But radiator and incoming hose very cold, out coming hose warmer a bit than incoming.

Any ideas about it?


Pump firmware 1.0.4

Corsair link 2.2.0

i5 3570k

Stock fans and SP120 quiet edition (gonna buy Enermax triple vegas with PWM cause stock and 120 quiet are 3-pin fans)

600TW case, radiator on top, pushing air from top through radiator in case.


P.S. gonna test it tomorrow with another thermal paste, here is my last chance that I know, but I hope you'll help me;) Praying for software fix)

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Corsair link shows that my pump works at 2239 rpm. Asus fan control app shows also high rpm and there is a message that I can't control CPU fan speed.

Pump sound also very quiet (600t front fan makes more noise than pump)


Thermal paste got nice contact, but few hours ago I prepare copper plate and CPU for new paste and I'd deleted old stock one. Btw tried to remove screws and set copper with paste directly on CPU with slow push on pump by hand (I feel it's 100% contact) but nothing changes. It was still 55c+ idle temp.


Tried to launch CPU tests, CPU temp raises extremely high (about 90-100c), radiator and incoming hose were cold "as ice", outcoming hose and pump plastic around copper plate were very hot (outcoming hose raised temperature slow a bit, but when I touch rad neat outcoming hose entrance, rad is pretty cold)

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Okay, will try to do it. By the way, checked it one more time now and read forums about 3570k, so maybe it's broken CPU with extreme heat (core temp shows 105c core temp after 4 min CPU test with h100i and stock paste on it) but it's really slow copper cooling so I think it's mainly h100i problem.

Tomorrow I'll test with another paste, if it will be same results - I'll go to the reseller with my m/b, CPU and h100i, show them what's happened and will ask for swap, cause they gave me shop warranty (it's official corsair reseller). If it will be possible to do few tests like my h100i with another CPU, another h100i with my CPU to find reason of high temp.

Anyway I've got 1,5 days to go and will wait for ramguy answer.)


Edit: one interesting detail. Here is a big difference between Intel CPU temp and h100i temp under load in CL2 (for example 80-90c CPU and 55-65 h100i - as I understand it's coolant temp but dunno where is sensor, cause incoming hose got temp colder than body temp - feel cold when touching it). Is it also strange? Idle temp got small gap (55c CPU and 48-50c h100i temp)

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As I understand and know about water cooling (here is my first pc water cooling stuff, but I've got deal with car engine cooling), as copper can receive warm so quick, it must transfer warm also quick to the cold coolant. And that's so strange cause I tried to dismount h100i from CPU, touch copper (it's really uncomfortable warm) and temp goes down very slow, need 3-4 minutes to make copper plate colder than body temp (or finger temp;) and I hear quiet pump noise and feel coolant pressure in hoses while waiting for copper plate temp down.

And of course after that I tried to mount pump back on CPU for 7-10 seconds and again copper plate gonna very hot.

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I Had a similar problem.

What I found was that my pump was resting slightly on a capacitor on the motherboard. Even though the screws were tightened, the temps were still high - similar to yours.


I had to loosen the screws and just slide the pump a little away from the capacitors and the temps came down 20degC at maximum. Now they reach 85degC max overcloacked to 4.6Ghz. Idle temps are 32degC average.


When you get your new unit, I suggest that you check that the pump is clear of such capacitors.


See photos:




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