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I need help with my NEW H100i


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Hello, I bought my new H100i three days ago and yesterday I installed it, and I've been reading in this forum all the problems with corsair link and H100i firmware, and I don´t konw what I have to do.


In this thread http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=113981, I followed those instructions, in my device manager appears this:





I suppose that everything is ok, Windows 7 detects ok my Hydro H100i, no???


And, what will be the next step to verify that my H100i works well?, install Corsair Link 2.2.0?


Thanks by your help and sorry by my english, I´m from spain, regards.

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Thanks by the reply, I forgot mention that the two fans attached to H100i are not the Corsair´s stock fans, the fans that I use are two Noctua NF-P12 whose statitics are:


RPM (+/-10%): 1300

Airflow: 92,3 m³/h

Static Pressure: 1.68 mm H²O

Acoustical Noise: 19.8 dB(A)


The PC BIOS shows this information:


1.The AMD Phenom II x2 550 idle temp is 30º Celsius.

2.The CPU FAN RPM is around 2440/2456


I think that these values are correct, no???

How I can stress my CPU and H100i?, with CPU-Z software or other software???


Thanks by your time and replys.

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Thanks by your help but my processor is an AMD Phenom II x2 550 and that software is only compatible with Intel´s CPus, is there any other software to do this?.


EDIT: I answer myself, I´m using "CoreTemp 1.0 RC4" that accepts AMD Phenom processors, and it indicates that the temperature of my processor is 19-20º Celsius in idle.


I use Prime 95 27.9 x64 one hour for stress my processor and comment the results in FULL.

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Hi again, I used prime 95 for an hour (blend test), the temp of each core is 30º Celsius (processor 36-40º), and I think that H100i is working correctly, but my next question is about Corsair Link software to manage rpm and other devices.


I´ve been reading in the forums (Cool and Corsair Link) and I have a few questions?


To use Corsair link software with H100i, Do I need any other hardware or not?

How I can know if my H100i is recognized correctly by the Corsair Link Software?

Until now, I have not installed any Corsair´s software, what version of Corsair Link software or other software I have to install??



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- No, just plug the supplied USB cable to one of your motherboard's internal USB.

- By clicking on "Options" tab and then in "Devices". If you see something like "Corsair Hydro USB" then is recognized

- I think only the latest version of the Link software can recognize the H100i.

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