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H110: Pump grinding/chatter fix


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Just to help out some who might have experienced the same issues with the pump that I did. I installed it and noticed that the pump had a grind/chatter to it. My motherboard has default automatic CPU fan settings through PWM, and after seeing that the original issue with the older liquid coolers was a voltage problem, I played with some settings.


Speedfan has an option to change the PWM settings (assuming your motherboard has PWM settings...), and putting it on manual and adjusting the CPU fan to just under 100% (@96% at the moment) removed the chatter/grind noise.


This does require knowledge of the "Advanced" settings in Speedfan, but once you find the "PWM # mode" options, changing them from the default to manual isn't too terribly complex. From there, the main tab from Speedfan let me adjust the settings to ensure I'm not overvolting, which seems to cause the grinding noise for quite a bit of people.


See this thread: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107252

...and typically is more prevalent on power supplies that provide higher than +12.2V on the +12V rail


This solution is a work-around, and isn't by any means a complete solution, however, it limits how much power the pump can get, and if your PSU is providing more than 12.2V on the 12rail, it may fix it for you.


Good luck.

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