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H80 Buzzing again


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Hi everyone,


The problem with the H80 cooling has yet again occurred whereby it is producing a loud gurgling/buzzing noise as referenced in the following thread:



This is my second unit after having the first being a direct swap. It clearly is a problem with an entire batch of the earlier models and from what I have read some users are experiencing the same problem even after being shipped off to repairs.


So this is really a predicament for me, the cost of return shipping (I'm in Australia and have to send it down to Corsair over in Hong Kong) will cost around ~$50, same amount of money I spend on grabbing an entirely new cooling unit.


Just wondering what everyones experience was with getting a 'replacement' unit shipped back, from what I gathered most were still experiencing the same problem. Are there any service centers over in Melbourne so I can avoid such shipping costs.


Or should I just cut my losses and jump on board with Noctua products.



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Request an RMA to replace the H80.


You should get instructions on replacing the unit.


Dear All

This thread has been closed and any reference to our email address have been removed. The issue has been resolved and all inventory are the newer units that have this fixed. If you have an issue with an older unit please submit the RMA and Contact me and provide your case number and lot code from your unit and I will give you instructions on how to proceed. But any RMA processed by us will be replaced with a newer unit that should not have this issue.


Source:H60 / H80 / H100 “Buzzing” or “Grinding"

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