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AX760i Installed Upside down?


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Hi all, I'm keen to buy an Corsair AX760i 760W 80PLUS Platinum Modular Power Supply but I have a Fractal Design R4 case which mounts the PSU at the bottom of the case and has the fan grill pointing down, meaning that to install the AX760i I'd need to put it in upside down. My main concern with this is that the parts inside the PSU would be held upside down against the force of gravity for the entire life of the system (hopefully a few years!) and that the solder (or whatever holds them in) could fail, causing damage.


Can anybody please confirm for me:

a) is it safe to do?

b) is it common practice?

c) is it supported practice by Corsair?



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It's absolutely safe to do, very common and poses no danger to the PSu what so ever. It takes alot more force to damage a solder joint than simply gravity.


Corsair is well aware that their PSU's get mounted upside down in certain cases and have no such guidelines for proper orientation.

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There is no "correct" orientation when installing a PSU despite what some people think.


Obviously if you have a case with a filtered intake on the bottom then it makes sense to utilise that feature but most, if not all, cases have mounting holes which allow the user to mount the PSU either way up.


You'll notice that the stickers on the side of Corsair PSU's are stuck on in such a way that they read correctly which ever way up you install the PSU.

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