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F40 GB2-A problems


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I just built a new system based on MSI H61-P20 motherboard, Primary Corsair F40 GB2-A SSD drive (firmware v2.2) and Hitachi 160GB sata drive.

I installed windows 7 on it, and I noticed that once every few boots, The Corsair SSD is not being recognized by the bios.

I replaced the SATA cable, power connector AND SSD drive to another F40 drive I had (I had 4 of them), And it seems to work ok, But the computer was returned to me after 2 days of working because it tried to boot from the secondary drive (Guess the SSD wasn't recognized again.....).

I replaced the SSD drive to another brand and hope it'll work well but I have few questions :

1. What's the changelog of firmware 2.4 for the F40 ? i can't seem to find it anywhere....

2. I had a problem that the newer Easeus todo backup V5.5 did not recognized the F40 drive in it's WinPe mode, but after flashing the drive from 2.2 to 2.4 it did, So i wonder if the firmware update fixed some bios/chipset compatibility issues ?

I just not feel safe enough about these drives and needs some input.


Thank you :O)

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Hi Toasted :)


I checked 3 of the 4 drives i've updated on several systems for the past 24 hours and they seems fine.

I didn't have the time yet to check it on the MSI H61 motherboard. It will take some time until I'll have the time for it, But I'll keep you posted if problem arises.


Thank you

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