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Does Corsair still make/sell 700Ds?


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I really like the design of the 700D over the 800D. The non-hotswapable drives and Bottom hard drive rack appeals more to me then what he 800D offers plus I like the Front alot better. However, I can't find anywhere to buy it. Newegg, TigerDirect and Corsair.com all say Out-Of-Stock. Has there been any announcement about the case being discontinued?
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maybe the 900d is going to be a good option if your going for looks

it has a dark window that blends in with the side panel and the front looks really good

also the design of the drive rack is more versatile

i believe this is actually the best follow-up for 700d

if you havent seen the introduction page:



dont be fooled by the clear window on that page, i believe they actually have a dark window but i would like to get some feedback from the tech guys

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