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H80i RMA #5618068


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I've requested RMA and I've recieved a mail from corsair, however, there are 2 things that I'm not too sure about.

First of all, this:

Please fill out the rest of your RMA and we will process the replacement PWM fan for you free of charge.


It says "fan" but the H80i has 2 fans, I don't know if this is a typo or another mistake.



Second of all:

Please disregard the message that advises you to return your product. You will not be required to return anything. Thank you.


After I filled out the rest of my RMA I got send an email which stated that I should return the broken parts, is this email the "message" that advises me to return my product?


Lastly, I checked my RMA status to find this:

Thank you for choosing Corsair products! The following is the status of your RMA Number 5618068.

RMA Issued On: 2/15/2013

Defective Parts Received on: Defective Parts Not Yet Received

* NOTE: it may take up to 24 hours for this date to be updated after arrival at Corsair

Part Number Received: N/A


So, do I need to send the fans, the entire unit, or nothing at all?

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Thank you this confused me as well. Case #5619547


Also wasn't sure what receipt to send rmaservice@corsair.com mainly because i thought they were going to send me a Receipt so .ended up sending the RMA approval email to them. But I quickly realized that it was the cooler receipt from the store I purchased it from they wanted. So I emailed again with a copy of it.


Oh, I had totally misunderstood that part, my receipts are sent now (though I had already attached them in the RMA request)

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I just got a reply from corsair:


Thank you for contacting Corsair Customer Service.


Two(2) CO-8950002(Corsair Fan SP120L 2700 RPM, 74.42 CFM, 120mm x 25mm TACH, Single Pack) have been processed but due to high demand on your replacement item, we regret to inform you that your RMA is currently backordered and is scheduled to ship out to you on 2/18/13.


Please keep in mind that this scheduled ship date is only an estimated date and your replacement may ship out to you sooner. If there are any further delays with your replacement we will notify you with your new estimated ship date.


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. If you have any further questions please contact us at RMAService@Corsair.com or you can reach our Customer Service at 1-888-222-4346.



Thank you for choosing Corsair.


Even though there is a delay I'm happy that it is being solved, unlike most other companies.


Thanks Corsair :)

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