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Have twin set of above and been working well in the P5QL-pro, for years! I had problem with BIOS glitch/crash and have flashed latest BIOS from ASUS.

One memory stick will work, either one is fine alone but with two its system crash.

I seem to recall this when first had this MoBo/RAM config.

What settings/timings do need to get this back to working again, this time will write them down! All set to auto in BIOS and voltage too.


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thanks for speedy reply. These settings are what was used last time I think I recall and did work.(1066,7 7 7 20 at 2.00V)

However for some reason are no longer working. Win7 tries to start but crashes with two modules, dimm a1 dimm b1 on mobo.

Am now back to one module and all is ok. I'd welcome any suggestions.

Thanks agian for yout time and effort, very much appreciated.


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After some exchanges with ASUS they confirm that that channel B memory slots/MB is faulty. However as MB is almost a year out of warranty they will do nothing.

I'd have hoped for a trade in allowance at least to get new MB. This is a lightly used home PC, I would have thought it would last more than 3 years.

Needless to say will avoid ASUS from now on. Any suggestions for more reliable suppliers.

Thanks to Corsair and the RAMGUY for help, with lifetime warranty from you will stick to and recommend Corsair!

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