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H80i installation help - fan connectors


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A few weeks I had a system built with the Corsair H80i cooler, and after running some tests I determined it probably wasn't mounted properly (system would idle around 45 degrees, and the moment I put a major load on the processor the temperature would spike up above 90 degrees.


Tonight I took the pump off the CPU and noticed it wasn't making full contact as I had suspected. I cleaned off the paste on the processor and the cooler, and have now run into a problem.....perhaps a big one (!)


The attached image shows the end of the fan cable (the y-cable) that is supposed to plug into the pump itself. Something tells me I did something wrong when removing that cable (I didn't apply much force at all), as I'm not sure I should be seeing just the end of the wires like that. I'm also not quite sure where they plug into on the pump itself (the extra connector beside the mini USB port, or on the left side (assuming the Corsair logo faces up). Yes I did look at the quick start guide, but I'm still a bit confused.


I'll be honest in that perhaps I should have had someone else do this, but I thought I would give it a try myself. Hopefully I didn't mess things up, and hopefully someone can offer a bit of advice from here (worst case, I'll bring this back to my local computer store to have them sort it out). :)


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Well, on the bright side I see what happened now.... and worst case I may just need a replacement fan splitter cable.


It appears when disconnecting the cable I didn't press down on the release pin hard enough, so that little piece was still connected to the cooler itself. Now, given that the leads that normally would go into this connector aren't labelled, I'm guessing my best best is to get a replacement cable.


Either way, yeah....guess it was my fault for not being careful..but if there's something I can do in the meantime please feel free to let me know. I really didn't use much force to remove the wires, so maybe there's a chance they were just loose in the connector to begin with, but I don't know.


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