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New 400R nedd top plastic and fan screws


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I bought 400r 3 weeks ago and open it jut yestarday to put my rig into it and find out that i dont have no extra fan screws of more fans and the plastic on the to of the case (on to top not in the front) is Crack little ibught the case in israeil in ksp the s\n is :000375 12428802 1 cc-9011011-ww bar code 8 4359101370 i will very glad if thre is any way to get the top plastic and the fans screws


dan golde

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Then use the link to request an RMA and in the comments section let them know what you need. They may want to replace the entire case if it is not a part that is replaceable.


Since you just bought it a few weeks ago , make sure you have your receipt handy .


i open the carton of the case 3 weeks ofter get it because i need the right time to put rig into it the ressler say its my problem

I hate when sellers are not willing to help you out on a brand new product. They should give you 30 days for returns. I mean if it were me that is something I would remember the next time i needed to buy something. There is always plenty of other businesses that would be happy to have your money and stand by what they sell.

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