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Corsair Voyager GT 16gb not working on windows 8 with usb 3.0


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I am having a problem with my flash drive, i can't use it with usb 3.0 on windows 8, it says that the last device connected had a bad functioning and windows won't recognize it;


But this only happens on usb 3.0, on 2.0 everything works fine.


Using 3.0 the flash drive is recognized on the bios, so windows must be making some mistake...


Thanks for your attention!

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Had the same problem with my lappie. Renesas USB driver was at fault. It didn't like windows 8 for some reason. I therefore reformatted, re-installed 7 and was fine after that.


A new OS means that all the third parties need to catch up and update.


Sorry for your problems, I know how you feel, it drove me nuts.



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Contact customer service via phone and tell them your replacement USB has a faulty activity L.E.D.


I don't think the cap matters. But it's best to ask.


You can call customer service via Skype by calling their toll-free number.


it's not possible to send email? An international call will be very expensive for me since i live in Brasil

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