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Clicking Noise (Fans or Pump?)


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Hello All!


Im a proud owner of 2 of the H100i Coolers. The one with Firmware 1.0.4

seems to work good, except a lil whine from the fans on some rpm.


The other one got Firmware 1.0.5 but still the "not-pwm" fans. And here

i got a random "click, click"-noise and can't verify from where it comes.

When i pull the Cable from the Pump (the Y Cable for the fans), it seems

to be gone. Could it be its coming from the fans? Is it possible to exchange

all 4 fans to the new pwm ones in one rma request to lower shipping costs?

Is it also possible to get the new fans, before i send out the old ones?

I suspect the fans for the click-noise, cause it seems to be there when the

rpm is changing....




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And here

i got a random "click, click"-noise and can't verify from where it comes.


Use what is known as a "poor man's stethoscope".

  • Find a long, thin rod, (screwdriver or similar) long enough to comfortably reach into the case.
  • Ground yourself before doing this, so that you do not transmit any static charge to the equipment.
  • Be very careful to not touch any surrounding components. I have a set of electrician's screwdrivers that are insulated all along the length of the blade to prevent this occurrence. Better yet, a simple wood dowel will work.
  • Gently touch non-conductive areas of components that you suspect are making noise with the far end of the rod. Place the near end against your ear.
  • The sound will be localized by conduction and will become readily apparent as to which component is making what noise, if any.


This works so well that we use it on running racing engines to check the condition of bearings.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hehehe... Great Idea. I know that also from hearing into engines. Never adopt that to any other components. But in the meantime i realized where

it come from. The fans are clicking (not pwm), when they change their rpm.


Need to confirm this again, after i put in the replacement fans (pwm).


But anyway, thanks for this lovely idea.. :)



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