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z77 sabertooth and ax750. not sure what cable to plugin to mb


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what cord do I use for the 8 pin connector or does it matter? i have one with 2 4's that make 8 together with 8 on the end that goes into the psu and one with 2 4's that make 8 together with 12 on the end that goes into the psu but the 4 on one side of the psu side dont have metal contacts in them. so are these the same cable with just a different plug option for the psu side?


the cables are labeled cg01(the 8 to 8) and ch01(the 8 to 12)


since the pin shapes dont look like they match up perfectly I wanted to make sure before I plugged it in. some of the squares on the motherboard have the rounded side on the plugin from the psu, but none of the rounded motherboard slots have a square pin so I think it should plugin fine.




saw this thread and the same thing was mentioned but I couldnt be sure what cable to use so hopefully somebody can verify for me that this is ok to plugin.




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