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Corsair cooler H55 radiator hose sideways ok?


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I'm installing the Corsair H55 hydro cooler on a Bitfenix Prodigy iTX casing.


The space inside is the mini-ITX casing is a bit cramped - at first, I planned to install the radiator in the front of the case (replacing the pre-included 12cm Bitfenix case fan there) but that would mean I would have to mount the hard disks sideways. After thinking about it, I just decided to position the H55 radiator at the back of the case (ie. replacing the pre-included Bitfenix case fan there).


When it then came to mounting the radiator itself, I could position the radiator in such a way so that the tube hose is at the bottom (as suggested by Corsair documentation), or on top (I tried searching the web, and noted that some people have mounted the tube hose on top, which seems to still be OK in most cases -- although from my various readings around the web, a few have mentioned noises or slightly less cooling performance with the tube hose mounted on top).



Now, in my case, since it's a bit cramped mini-ITX casing, I figure that I could mount the radiator in such a way so that the hose tubing are mounted sideways (away from the PCI-E graphics card that'll be installed on the motherboard).


By mounting it sideways, I hope the motherboard will have a bit more "breathing room" just above it (otherwise, the hose tubing will sort of block the motherboard chips' "breathing room").


Is it OK to have the radiator hose tubing mounted on the side? Anyone tried this configuration?

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