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why are there 2 TX750s on Newegg


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Yes! One is model numnber

Model #: CP-9020042-NA

Which is the first version



And CMPSU-750TX would be the V2 model



So one is Seasonic Made and the other CWT?


Also the CMPSU-750TX is the first one you linked, the TX750 V2 appears to be V2.


EDIT: TX750 V2 isn't sold on Corsair's Site? O.O

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oops, soory, yeah i got the part numbers backwards


But this one sold on the site is the V2 model CP-9020042-NA



Hmm weird considering the other one says V2 on it and the other doesn't.


Anyway all of them after the original 2007 one are seasonic right.



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So I assume the v3 is better than the v2?


o.o what's up with these revisions.


The revision are simply a change of OEM (cwt -> seasonic -> chicony).


I had 2 v3 that I rma'ed right when I received them, now I'm getting an ax760. The 2 v3 had really horrible sound.

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