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I am in the same boat as you, and it seems CS doesn't know what is going on. I submitted an RMA asking about the new fans and received this response.


Case #5604507


"Let's have this unit replaced. Please follow the link in email with subject "RMA Advised" and complete the RMA process. Once completed, please reply to this message. Ignore the automated RMA instructions. You don't need to send anything back to us."


They want to replace the unit but I don't have to send anything back :confused:


So I messaged them back, since I never received the RMA Advised link, and I also asked them to confirm that I will not need to ship my H80i to them, since I assume they will just send the fans. I get this response...


"I'm sorry for the mistake. You will be sending the H80i unit back to us, but we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label. Once the RMA confirmed, please reply back to this message so we can give you the prepaid shipping label. "


I really have no clue what to do at this point. :rolleyes:

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Guys, the RMA's will take a few days to process. Please have a little patience. They are flooded with requests for the fans now and I'm sure they will get to you ASAP.


Normal RMA's take between 7-10 buisnes days to process and ship and if you are out of the US or overseas, you can safely add a few days to a week to that.


Alternately, you could also call the CS toll free line and they would be able to give you an update right away.


& Fractal, i really would suggest you call them to ge this sorted and see if they can offer you an advanced replacement since they changed their minds and want the unit back

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  • Corsair Employees


Your RMA was shipped today by UPS Express Saver with tracking # 1z762e3r0463143219



You RMA was shipped on the 22nd UPS 3 Day Select with tracking # 1Z966E651277660887



Your RMA was shipped on the 26th by UPS Worldwide Expedited with tracking #1z762e3r0462128989. Sent to owen.haynes@gmail.com



We need your address so we can ship the fans to you.



What is your case number?

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