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TX750 v2 incompatibility


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I wanted to submit my experience with the TX750 V2.

I recently bought a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H, 16GB Corsair 1600MHZ, cpu i5 3570k PSU Corsair TX750 V2 and I had problems from the start with constant reboots for no reason, no BSOD, no system errors, and in the event viewer only a "KERNEL POWER". I updated the bios on the motherboard, I changed my memories, I added a video card, I discovered that the active PFC Corsair TX750 could have problems with UPS a little cheaper (so I lifted the UPS), I made memory test and test the motherboard with PCI using the installer, I disabled ACPI support C2/C3 motherboard and I set all the normal mode.

I reformatted for 3 times, but I had reboots even in the bios screen

I finally mounted the PSU on another machine that has been in operation two days in a row without rebooting, and the TX750 I replaced it with a power supply salvaged from a PC out of use, and even this has been on two days in a row.

from here I realized that the only reason could be an incompatibility between the PSU and my GIGABYTE.

I did replace the PSU with a less performate LCPOWER 650W .... the PC is not rebooted.

I hope I have been of help to someone.


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