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HX650 Gold Noises


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Hi Corsair Support


I recently purchased a HX650 gold( from newegg.ca, on Feb 7 2013) , now I've read the reviews and saw a couple of people with the same problem as me. The dreadly chirping noises. I thought the HX650 chirping noises were resolved, but I was wrong. It seems like I manage to get my hands on the defective batch. I had hope for it not to happen but sadly it did. The noise a little bearable because it only occurs from time to time. But when it does make the noise, it is loud and distinct.


I have requested an RMA.. it will be my first time doing this. Hopefully the shipping cost doesn't cost that much, and hopefully I will have a working replacement.


This occurrence has wavered my trust in Corsair, but not to the point where I'll stop buying from the company. You guys are too awesome, and hopefully you don't put me down this time :biggrin:

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