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h100i vs h100 sound problem after rma


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hello to every one,

i open this new topic in order to have an answer from those who have h100i and working as perfect as it can despite all these problems we are reading every day.

i was an owner of an h100 and after 2 rma case which was replaced (thank you Corsair ) the third h100's fan controller one day decide to stop working.

then it was replaced with the new h100i..


as i have this h100i since a week i must say that i am very disappointed as the h100i is working louder than the h100 and it is very noisy and disturbing for someone who tried to built a silent rig and despite all the rma of h100 i did it..

so my question is..


is the h100i working louder than the h100 or my h100i needs to wait for a new firmware update (my h100i is on 1.0.4 ) and then see if finally go for another rma?


hope to have answers from you guys in order to know if i am the only one that i am facing this problem ...



ps. my rig on 650d was a 24/7 24hour open pc with a bitfenix spectre and 5 bequiet fans in order to sleep and not listening to it...

now i cant stand during the day in my rig cause of the pump noise as it is very disturbing..

and as you imagine when i am sleeping my rig is switched off :mad:

thank you

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