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HX1050 Gold RMA/Replacement Question


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Hi, I'm having issues with my HX1050 Gold after a recent power outage. The power supply began making coil whine, clicking and buzzing noises. Sometimes when idle, sometimes under load. It also began buzzing louder, as I have continued using it for a week now (some posts said it was normal), when running 3D applications and eventually freezes my entire computer when under load. My components have remained unchanged. I have already received an RMA number (#5554426) and am planing to send my PSU in tomorrow.


My question is this: What are the equivalents to this power supply? (HX1000, for example) I'd like to trade it in for another one, if possible, and was wondering who I could ask to do that for me. I've read many posts with people having problems with this particular PSU, and if it starts emitting noise on the first power outage and only a month of operation, I have some doubts.


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