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Force GT in a 2010 Mac Mini


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Hi everyone :)

I thought it would be good to put an SSD in my Mac Mini, so I did a research and was left with the impression that the SSD must have a SandForce controller, so I chose the 60GB Corsair GT CSSD-F60GBGT-BK, 2.5", SATA 3. Got it up and running in the mini. Did a PRAM/NVRAM reset. Write speed goes to like 100MB/s and read to 130Mb/s, Negotiated Link Speed is 1.5G. No TRIM support, should I enable it? Asked around and it turns out for that kind of mini an SSD shouldn't have a SandForce controller...

So I decided to see if I would get a different answer on here :) Anything like new firmware(how do I check the current?), or some magical hidden setting :D

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