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HX850W PSU - Periodic Clicking Noise

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I purchased the HX850W model PSU from Newegg.com in November of 2011.


In June of 2012, the PSU failed suddenly (simply refused to turn on after I came home from work one day) and to its credit did not damage any other system component.


I was issued RMA #4787108 on 6/26/12 and received a replacement unit shortly thereafter. This replacement unit, has developed an audible clicking noise over the past month that I believe is related to the PSU cooling fan - as it is not a constant noise and happens more often under load. I have disconnected all case fans and ran the computer for a few minutes case open, the sound is definitely coming from within the PSU enclosure.


I do not believe anything has fallen inside - the modular cables made for a quick swap with the original unit, only needed the 4 PSU mounting screws.


The case is a SilverStone Fortress FT02, which does have an atypical (vertical) PSU mount. This is the only variable that I have not tested, as currently I do not have a spare case.


Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


EDIT: Sorry, I might have posted this in the wrong place. It is not clear to me if customer care is the preferred forum for this type of post.

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I have sent a request to our customer service for you to process another PSU at our expense so you should hear from them in the next 24-48 Hours if not I would suggest calling them by phone with your Previous RMA number
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