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Enabling Dolby 5.1 and Audio Suggestions (Vengeance 1500 w/ 1.1 drivers)


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OK here are my settings for Music & Games/Movies



Corsair Control Panel

> Bypass

> Below is my EQ setting



Windows Audio Device manager

This is how I Boosted BASS of my headset


> Chose "Corsair USB headset" and "Configure"

> chose "Stereo" click 'Next" but DO NOT chose "Full Range Speakers > Front left & right" box ..it should be left blank...click 'Next' & 'Finish' (U will not get the Bass Boost options in 'Enhancements' if u tick 'Full Range Options" box)



Now Chose Tab "Properties"

> Enchantments

> Chose "Bass Boost" > "Settings"

> Below are my settings for the bass Boost (I like this Balance as its not too over powering)


> Frequency - 100Hz or 125Hz & Boost Level - 6dB


** the Boost of Bass from stock to this is AMAZING.. just try it out..



> 24bit, 96000 HZ

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My settings for




Corsair Control Panel


> I prefer Dolby Pro Logic 5.1 setup to 7.1


> Chose "Dolby Pro Logic.."

- As u can see, the Dolby Logo is grayed out..its not turned on



to turn it on, we need to configure "Windows Audio Manager" like we did when configuring "Stereo" above


Windows Audio Manager

> Configure

> Select "5.1 Surround"

> Then select the speakers like below


> click Finish


> Once u set up "5.1 Surround in your audio Manager..In the Corsair Control Panel..The "Dolby Pro logic" logo lights up



Now u have decent Dolby 5.1 surround working..


Sadly u need to do this every time u change to Stereo & back to Dolby again...if u just click on the Dolby icon in Corsair control panel..it is grayed out.. to activate it..u need to set 5.1 in windows audio manager every time


>> Now download "THX Jungle Surround Demo" (Google it).. now test it with Dolby Pro Logic 5.1 "On" & get blown away :)


hope the 2 settings helps

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Thank you Hydro, excellent guide and those settings are very good. I would never have thought about not chosing the Full Range Speakers option. I would have thought someone at Corsair should've shown this but hey-ho :)


Agree that Dolby sounds better in game ATM, but because the 7.1 option's adjustments are so incredibly finicky to use, I don't have the hair left to even want to experiment with them.


So you reckon on not using any of the Windows options in the Windows Audio Device manager for games??

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When u turn on Enhancements like "Loudness Equalizer" it incorrectly amplified small background sounds..meaning I found in games like Borderlands 2, it made u hear footsteps & enemy noises much closer to you when in reality they were a bit far away.. so it just messed up the environment/background noises far too much to be of any help...


So i turned them off

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